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Re: Backup procedure

You might try this on BRU's site:

> Hi,
> backups!!! Backups have always been a mistery to me, a pain I should say.
> However, I realize the importance of backups.
> I am looking for a backup procedure to implement here at my company. We
> have a couple of Novell servers, several Linux boxes (two of them are
> production servers very important to our Information Technology structure)
> and an H-P 9000 server running HP-UX. Each server has a dedictaed tape unit
> attached (DDS, aka DAT.)
> Right now we are making full backups from Monday to Friday so we can go
> back only five days. We are not taking tapes off-site either.
> I want to know about rotation methods (I've heard about
> Granfather-Father-Son, 10 tape, Hanoi Towers but the information is not
> clear), when to take tapes off-site, Debian backup utilities, etc.
> Any URL will be appreciated. I am search Yahoo right now but without luck
> so far.
> Thanks in advance,
> Eloy.-
> --
> Eloy A. Paris
> Information Technology Department
> Rockwell Automation de Venezuela
> Telephone: +58-2-9432311 Fax: +58-2-9431645 Cel.: +58-16-234700
> "Where does this path lead?" said Alice
> "Depends on where you want to go."  Said the cat
> ("Alice in Wonderland", by Lewis Carroll.)

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