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Re: Linux fvwm1.24r-25 vs Sun fvwm1.24r

On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Steve Hsieh wrote:

> Has anyone else had problems using a working .fvwmrc file from a Sun
> system on Debian?  Since fvwm on both systems is the same, I wouldn't
> expect such difficulties, but it seems that some things which work on fvwm
> for SunOS/Solaris cause a seg fault on Debian fvwm.  Maybe the true
> culprit lies with a utility program somewhere and not fvwm itself?

> On debian linux this results in the message
>     "NONE:0: m4: ERROR: EOF in string"
> and then a fvwm segmentation fault.

You might look through the Info file for the "m4" utility.
It states that the GNU m4 is different fom the Unix Sys V.

A good time to check out "tkinfo"!   :-)


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