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Re: BO

Rick writes:
> I haven't run across this original msg yet, since I am re-configuring my system 
> and am just now getting to read some email, but I would like to say something ab
> out all the ppl that post to this list and do nothing but bitch about the curren
> t state of Debian/Linux.  
> I don't understand you fuc**ng ppl!  This is an os that is completely volunteer 

Ok, Rick, Extra Expletive Deletives don't add any value to your message. Sure
those sorts of folks make you want to shoot 'em because of their attitudes.
But you can't expect to change their attitudes by jumping into the cesspool.

> oriented.  These ppl have lives.  Most of the authors have full time jobs doing 
> other things.  We should all BE GRATEFULL that they take time to put their talen

You are 100& right. I have my hands full with my job and I can appreciate the
fact that they take time to support this _super_ OS!

> t to NON-PROFIT use for the rest of the world to enjoy.  If there is a problem w
> ith a piece of work you can be sure that they will find and fix it.  They unders
> tand more about the inner-workings of software than most of us ever will, and I'
> m sure they have to do a little hokus-pokus sometimes just to get a concept to b
> egin to work.
> If you want the right to bitch and moan about software then go to the store and 
> PAY MONEY FOR THE RIGHT by getting M$!!!
> Be part of the solution, not part of the problem, or stay out of the Linux commu
> nity!!!

No arguments about that!

My 2 cents worth. I just helped a _new_ linux person with setting up his
machine just the other day. He chose to install RED HAT distribution. And to
make a long story short, RED HAT _does_not_ keep track of dependencies. It let
him install packages without requiring the dependent modules to be installed as
well. After I fixed it for him, I can say that inspite of Dselect & Dpkg
difficulties, I still prefer Debian (no contest!) I'd like to see a
"applications" oriented version of "dselect". I just may write it myself.
Where's that book on Perl..... 8-)

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Thomas Kocourek  KD4CIK - member of ARRL
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