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Linux fvwm1.24r-25 vs Sun fvwm1.24r

Has anyone else had problems using a working .fvwmrc file from a Sun
system on Debian?  Since fvwm on both systems is the same, I wouldn't
expect such difficulties, but it seems that some things which work on fvwm
for SunOS/Solaris cause a seg fault on Debian fvwm.  Maybe the true
culprit lies with a utility program somewhere and not fvwm itself?

For example, the following .fvwmrc line works on Sun, but not on Debian
for me (it's the backquotes that are the problem):

# Personal items
Popup "My Utilities"
        Title   "My Utilities"
        Exec    "Xterm"         exec xterm -n "`hostname|cut -f1 -d.`" -T "`hostname`" -e tcsh &

On debian linux this results in the message
    "NONE:0: m4: ERROR: EOF in string"
and then a fvwm segmentation fault.

Using the stock fvwmrc file provided with Debian of course works just
fine, but since we use a mix of different operating machine types here,
this is a problem I hope can be resolved. 

Can anyone tell from the above if this is due to a user configuration
error, or a bug that I should report to the fvwm maintainer? 


Stephen Hsieh              Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
steveh@eecs.umich.edu      Univ. of Michigan at Ann Arbor

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