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Ok I downloaded BO to see if I could contribute to the debian effort by
testing the packages and reporting bugs, but to my surprise it is so BETA
that I cannot even install it.  I understand that debian is a volunteer
effort and that what ppl do for debian is out of their own free will.
Concerning the UNSTABLE release it is understood that there ARE bugs in the
packages, but that does not mean that they should NOT, at least work! does
it? I would imagine that if you maintain a package, you should at least
test it yourself, and more importantly if its related to the main
installation process (as with current problems with dinstall).  Alot of
people may not know enough about coding, script, debugging to go into the
installation script and check/fix the problems that it has, but they may be
able to test packages and report bugs; of course they can't do that if they
can't get through the BASE installation  :/

I am NOT flaming or judging the intentions of the maintainer of dinstall,
but I am a little disapointed because the problem that I have with the
script is not something that is non-relevant to the overall installation,
it is the part of the script that extracts the BASE system from floppy
disks (needless to say this is a VITAL part); because of a simple variable
it does not access the floppy drive device and cannot install. Now this is
not a BIG or complicated problem to fix, but what it DOES mean, is that the
maintainer DID NOT test the script prior to packaging or else he would have
found the problem. It is not a one time occurance; it happens every single

Once again my apologies if I offend anyone, specially the maintainer of
If you find this e-mail offensive please ignore it and > /dev/null or if
that doesn't satisfy you please email bomb me or something :)  

I love all ya ppl working on Debian! I think that it represents, to THE
BEST degree, what LINUX is all about. PLEASE keep up the good work :-)

Leon Castellanos

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