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Re: BO

You are partly right.  There could be bugs in the base installation 
problem.  I had a similar problem trying to install the stable 2.0.27 
kernal.  I was getting command errors related to my hard drive.  Linux 
could not get past the partition check. I thought it was the hardware 
that I was using, it turned out that the hard drive was trying to read 
the information before the install program had finished what it had to do 
with the hard drive.  I hope this does not confuse you.  Don't assume 
that it is the debian distribution's fault.

On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Leon Castellanos wrote:

> Ok I downloaded BO to see if I could contribute to the debian effort by
> testing the packages and reporting bugs, but to my surprise it is so BETA
> that I cannot even install it.  I understand that debian is a volunteer
> effort and that what ppl do for debian is out of their own free will.
> Concerning the UNSTABLE release it is understood that there ARE bugs in the
> packages, but that does not mean that they should NOT, at least work! does
> it? I would imagine that if you maintain a package, you should at least
> test it yourself, and more importantly if its related to the main
> installation process (as with current problems with dinstall).  Alot of
> people may not know enough about coding, script, debugging to go into the
> installation script and check/fix the problems that it has, but they may be
> able to test packages and report bugs; of course they can't do that if they
> can't get through the BASE installation  :/
> I am NOT flaming or judging the intentions of the maintainer of dinstall,
> but I am a little disapointed because the problem that I have with the
> script is not something that is non-relevant to the overall installation,
> it is the part of the script that extracts the BASE system from floppy
> disks (needless to say this is a VITAL part); because of a simple variable
> it does not access the floppy drive device and cannot install. Now this is
> not a BIG or complicated problem to fix, but what it DOES mean, is that the
> maintainer DID NOT test the script prior to packaging or else he would have
> found the problem. It is not a one time occurance; it happens every single
> time.
> Once again my apologies if I offend anyone, specially the maintainer of
> dinstall.
> If you find this e-mail offensive please ignore it and > /dev/null or if
> that doesn't satisfy you please email bomb me or something :)  
> I love all ya ppl working on Debian! I think that it represents, to THE
> BEST degree, what LINUX is all about. PLEASE keep up the good work :-)
> Leon Castellanos
> lcaste02@serss1.fiu.edu
> cometmer@mail.icanect.net

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