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Re: 3 Questions...

BjS@hoexter.netsurf.de (Bjoern Starke) writes:

> 1.) i can`t find a file called 'man.config' on my debian 1.2.6. So
> what should i do? (i need it for configuration stuff)

There doesn't seem to be one.  But dpkg -L man suggests

> 2.) Normal users (members of the group 'ppp') should be able to start
> a dialup internet connection via pppd. What groups must they be in?


To run /usr/sbin/pppd, they just need dip.  dialout might not be
necessary, and lets them use any /dev/ttyS*, which you might not
want.  Experiment.  (I don't use pon, so I don't know about it.)

> 3.) My users aren't able to start internet services like ftp, www or
> telnet. The programm starts, but services can't be used. (root of
> course _can_  use them).


> Host name lookup failture
This suggests something I've seen on this list before; check the
permissions on /etc/resolv.conf, they should be -rw-r--r--.  Can
normal users use IP addresses?

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