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Re: Documentation - I see squares

> > In a lot of man pages, and some of the documentation in /usr/doc there are
> > there little squares or cryptic <$%^> thingees. I guess that there's
> > something I've missed somewhere...
> > 
> > What have/haven't I done?
> On the assumption that you ran into some highlighting or underlining
> markup, then you might try running your documents through a smart 
> pager that's able to do something reasonable with such things.
> Try this:
>     export MANPAGER=/usr/bin/less
> (Of course, this only works if you have the 'less' package installed.)
> If it works for you, then you might want to put this line into your 
> .bashrc or whatever startup script you use.
> If the problem is that the documents you're looking at are gzip'd then
> you'll want to read them with zless, by executing, e.g., 
>     zless /usr/doc/man/README.gz

I don't think that's the problem, less is my PAGER, and I know about zcat.
Most of the text is quite readable. The little squares are often where I'd
expect an apostrophe to be, and some of the funny codes are <B7> for
example. It looks like a bit of hex.

John F.

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