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Re: 56k baud modem (x2)

Susan G. Kleinmann wrote:

  Hi Greg --
  You asked:
  > Is the 56kb USR upgrade compatible with linux?  I tired of 14.4.

  Almost certainly.  I use a 56K ISDN 'pseudo-modem' all the time.
  Even though this box isn't internally the same as the real USR modem

  you're talking about, the software configuration under Linux would
  be exactly the same.

  In other words, my 'pseudo-modem' just connects to the serial port
  one side and to an ISDN phone line on the other side.  The Linux
  has no idea what I've got connected to the serial port, I never made

  any ISDN patch to the kernel, and use no ISDN utilities or devices.
  All I did was to use setserial to make the serial port work at high

I'm refering to using the 56k upgrade to their 33.6 modems.  It's some
kind of driver (not ISDN) for working on regular analog lines.  It might
be something that reloads EEPROM or such.

I'm looking for success and real connect speeds.  Sometimes people with
33.6k only get on at 28.8k or 24k.

Thanx again -- Greg.

PS    Still getting the undeliverable messages.

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