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Re: Documentation - I see squares

> In a lot of man pages, and some of the documentation in /usr/doc there are
> there little squares or cryptic <$%^> thingees. I guess that there's
> something I've missed somewhere...
> What have/haven't I done?

On the assumption that you ran into some highlighting or underlining
markup, then you might try running your documents through a smart 
pager that's able to do something reasonable with such things.
Try this:
    export MANPAGER=/usr/bin/less

(Of course, this only works if you have the 'less' package installed.)

If it works for you, then you might want to put this line into your 
.bashrc or whatever startup script you use.

If the problem is that the documents you're looking at are gzip'd then
you'll want to read them with zless, by executing, e.g., 
    zless /usr/doc/man/README.gz

Hope that helps.
Susan Kleinmann

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