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Re: Installation problem which now is network problem

> Unfortunately it's not up and running to that extent I would like to. I have
> no contact at all with the network and with the Internet in particular. I
> think I have to make some changes in the network configuration. The question
> is: How do I reconfigure the network when I've already installed Linux. I
> don't want to reinstall it for a small matter like this.

Hopefully, you answered "yes" when asked by the installation script if you're
directly connected to the network.  If so, edit the file "/etc/init.d/network"
and put in the proper values.  Check your IP address, make sure it's yours.
The "NETMASK" value depends on your network. For a class C network, it is, the "NETWORK" address just replaces the 4th (and last) field of
your IP address with a "0". "BROADCAST" again depends on the kind of network
you have.  Usually replace the last field of your IP address with 255 for
a class C network.  Your gateway is dependent on your network.  Usually
replace the last field of your IP with "1" (mine is weird -- it's 200. Again,
dependent on your local net).

If you need more info, feel free to email me off the list.  For instance, if
you don't have a /etc/init.d/networks file.
				- John Larkin	
				- jlarkin@hmc.edu
				- http://aij.st.hmc.edu/~jlarkin

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