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Re: Pentium GCC

Maarten Boekhold <M.Boekhold@ET.TUDelft.NL> writes:

> Hi,
> I was just thinking: wouldn't it be a nice idea to have a pgcc package
> around for ppl who want to get the most out of their pentium? Even if it
> means the package must be in experimental?

I don't know to what extent it has been integrated, eventually using the -m586
flag in conjunction with -O? on gcc should optimize for pentiums. IMO there's no
need for a special compiler version. Correct me if.I'm wrong.

> It would probably be mostly used to recompile kernels, don't know how big
> of an improvement you could get out of that. Most ppl won't take the
> trouble of recompiling every single package that have installed :).
> Just curious, how much would I gain with an 'pentium optimized' kernel?
> Maybe libc? And X?

I doubt it is worth the hassle of maintaining processor specific binaries -


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