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Re: Pentium GCC

On 30 Mar 1997, Siggy Brentrup wrote:

> I don't know to what extent it has been integrated, eventually using the -m586
> flag in conjunction with -O? on gcc should optimize for pentiums. IMO there's no
> need for a special compiler version. Correct me if.I'm wrong.

Apparently the gcc people are slow (on an order of years) in integrating
the pentium patches.  I think there is some serious resistance to the way
the patches fit into gcc.  (someone clue us in here, these are vague

Although, I shiver everytime I hear someone say (I've heard this MANY
times) that the pentium patches "are the best thing since sliced bread and
I was lonely, unemployed and worthless before the pentium patches and now
I have a gorgeous girlfriend, a great job and a lot of money.  Oh, and by
the way, it compiles everything on my system... except for the kernel."

I'd love to a tech overview about the pentium patches though. :)


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