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problem with linking "ishft" (fortran)

Dear Users,

Runing into problem with compiling my fortran code I 
don't understand how to fix this problem.

I use some functions like "iend, ieor, ishft" in my program and it works 
well on Slackware but does do it on my Debian due to  
" undefined reference to `lbit_shift'". Commenting 'ishft' in program
stops this message. So I have no idea why only this
function is such unlucky one. All these functions are
in the /cern/pro/lib/libpacklib.a 

Thanks forward for any advices.

Eugene Sevinian

Cosmic Ray Division
Yerevan Phisics Institute
Alikhanian's Brothers str.2
375036 Yerevan 36

URL: http://www.yerphi.am/crd/prs/sevinian.html
Phone: 374-2-352041 (YerPhI), 374-2-344873 (aprt.)
Fax: 374-2-350030

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