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Re: Adaptec 2940 UW

On Tue, 11 Mar 1997, Bernd Kreimeier wrote:

> I simply tried creating a 2.0.0 kernel image and pasting it with "dd"
> on the Debian rescue disk, attempting to replace the kernel image
> while leaving the root image intact. IIRC 350K is the size limit
> for the kernel image. My attempts failed, the disk did not load at
> all.
> So it breaks down to: what am I doing wrong, how can a Debian base
> rescue disk be modified by replacing the kernel image?

If I recall the rescue disk is simply a msdos disk with a custom boot
loader? Meaning mount the disk and copy your kernel image to it.

If that fails, download root.bin and loadlin then use from a dos

loadlin mykernel initrd=root.bin root=/dev/ram 

and it will boot the rescue disk from a ram disk.


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