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Re: teTeX kind of broken

Marcelo Magallon writes:
 > On 28 Feb 1997, Christoph Martin wrote:
 > > > The obvious solution is to remove all TeX files conflicting with teTeX
 > > > before installing teTeX, but this is not "user friendly", "nice", "cool",
 > > > etc.
 > > 
 > > You have no other chance. dpkg can't handle all (more than one) the
 > > replaces.
 > Then, to the maintainer, PLEASE, include instructions about this unless we
 > want to see the question "How do I upgrade TeX?" n+1 times on
 > debian-user... I'm guessing something in the lines of "In dselect [R]emove
 > packages *first*, *then* [I]nstall them" would work, but a bit more

Where do you want to put these instructions? I have posted
instructions to debian-user and debian-devel. If you put it in the
preinst script it is to late.

 > descriptive/less cryptic. Also, isn't there a workaround for the latex
 > bug? I wouldn't like to see that question either, considering THERE IS a
 > known solution.

The only solution I know is to do it in the right order, but how do
you enforce this?


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