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Re: teTeX kind of broken

Marcelo Magallon <mmagallo@efis.ucr.ac.cr> writes:

> Then, to the maintainer, PLEASE, include instructions about this unless we
> want to see the question "How do I upgrade TeX?" n+1 times on
> debian-user... I'm guessing something in the lines of "In dselect [R]emove
> packages *first*, *then* [I]nstall them" would work, but a bit more
> descriptive/less cryptic. Also, isn't there a workaround for the latex
> bug? I wouldn't like to see that question either, considering THERE IS a
> known solution.

I wonder if this problem couln't be solved with a suitably ugly
preinst script.  I know that dpkg should be fixed to handle this, but
since it can't at the moment...

At the least the preinst could check that the user doesn't have the
old packages installed, and if they do, describe what they need to do
to fix the problem, and then fail.


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