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Re: Package configuration philosophy

On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, [iso-8859-1] Nicolás Lichtmaier wrote:

> > If someone is going to evaluate an entire distribution on a prompt
> > (even if there are other factors), I'm not going to be upset if they
> > don't choose Debian.
>  I'm no talking about just the prompt. We're talking about good and
> comfortable defaults, default settings should be like suggestions
> of how things can be done. Good defaults is very important in a
> distribution, IMHO.

IMO, debian HAS good defaults. clean & simple without a lot of stuff to
undo when you want to customise it to YOUR preferred settings.

Making default settings too pretty/complex tends to stifle both learning
& creativity...instead of just one thing to learn/change at a time, you
have to undo a lot of changes (or at least learn what they do) or risk
breaking a working setup.

>  Standard? What standard? Is this...
> # _
>  POSIX?  =)

'$' and '#' are the standard for sh and have been since sh was written.
nearly every unix/linux book will have those prompts in any examples.

>  The default prompt should only display the cwd, the host, and perhaps de
> user...

*my* preferred prompt should only display the wd, the host, the time,
and the user.

the default prompt should be the standard, plain & simple as it is.

at most, there should be a bunch of commented-out PS1= lines in
/etc/skel/.bashrc or in /etc/profile (and ditto for csh's config files,
etc) providing samples. Or just a pointer to /usr/doc/{bash,csh,zsh,...}


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