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Some totally different subject

To cool down the heated minds, here is something totally unrelated:

Subject: Re: RC5 Challenge - Linux at Top

> of a an Internet project.  RC5-32/12/4 took 3.5h, RC5-32/12/5 took
> 13 days with far more computing power and more optimized software.
> The 56 bit challenge RC5-32/12/6 will need again about 256 times as
> long, that's 8 years _average_.

Last time I checked the speed the job was running at it would take 8
years total. So it just needs a  chunk more machinery to take it down
to months. The point of this isnt btw politics or money, its because
"It can't be done". It represents probably the largest computation
ever attempted by man, so its got hack value..


Have a look at http://zero.genx.net/
You can get the clients at ftp://portal.stwing.upenn.edu/pub/rc5

To join the fun start the client on your machines with:

nohup ./rc5-client-linux-i586 -i linux@linuxnet.org &

It will just suck up unused CPU cycles.

The linux@linuxnet.org address is the collective identity for the linux
comunity. If we should be the happy ones the win, the prize money will go
into the Linux International fund for development grants if I remember

So far there are 521 Linux machines active, I think we should be able
to push this up quite a bit. :-)

Since Alan checked last the estimated time to finish went down
from 8 to 6.85 years.......


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mike@i-Connect.Net             Home of the Debian Master Server.
mike@debian.org                14355 SW Allen Blvd., Suite 140
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