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Re: UPS questions

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Giuseppe Vacanti wrote:

> Is anybody using a UPS with debian who would care to email how they
> are faring?
> Is APC a good UPS to buy? Do I need a special cable? And how should I
> go about sizing the UPS (I mean, do I need a 200W UPS if the power
> supply of my box is 200W)?
> Thanks,
> Giuseppe

I bought an Viewsonic OptiUPS 420E and I have been happy with it.  I haven't
hooked up the serial connection from the UPS to my computer yet.  I would
recommend the OptiUPS line because it is inexpensive (better features for
less money than APC), has built-in modem/twisted pair network cable surge
protection and has buck and boost line conditioning which means that if you
have low voltage coming in from the wall, it can boost the voltage up to what
it is supposed to be (120V over here, I don't know what it is where you are)
*without draining the battery*.  Or it can buck it down if the voltage is too
high.  This is a nice feature - it will result in your battery being
fully-charged 99% of the time.  Also, the OptiUPS line has a user-replacable
battery.  Batteries usually last 3-5 years, so you will need to replace them. 

For a basic system with a 15" monitor, around 230VA should be OK; with a 
17" monitor 420VA is recommended.  If you have lots of hard drives in 
your machine, or other unusual power sucking things, you may need a 
bigger than average UPS


Daniel Robbins
School of Medicine Computer Services
University of New Mexico


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