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Re: People Demanding Credit in the Press Release Silliness

> You see, most people don't think in C-like structures and don't parse 
> press-statements through a preprocessor to verify if all the includes are 
> allright. If one did include all of it, their stack would probably 
> overflow and in this case it wouldn't give you an access to their system.

I think a lot of people don't realize what a press release is for.
It's an explanation of _why_you_should_be_interested_ in something.
That's all. It's intended to help lure the press into writing about
something, and then they get to _research_their_own_article_. So we
put in what we want them to be interested in, and leave the rest for
them to write about it in their article if they wish.

I happen to be married to a professional publicist. She thought I should
cut out the space shuttle stuff and just talk about volunteers beating
Microsoft at their own game. Next press release. That will give me a
_little_ room to talk about Linus and RMS. But I still have to fit it in
one page.

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