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Re: UPS questions

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Giuseppe Vacanti wrote:

> Is anybody using a UPS with debian who would care to email how they
> are faring?
> Is APC a good UPS to buy? Do I need a special cable? And how should I
> go about sizing the UPS (I mean, do I need a 200W UPS if the power
> supply of my box is 200W)?

I'm using an APC Smart-UPS 1400 that is communicating only with my Win95
machine.  Using the software, I've been able to determine the following

Pentium 133/32MB/512K with 2 or 3 HDs: 4.5% of capacity each (I have 3)
Apple PowerMac 8100/100AV/40MB with 1 HD: 7% of capacity
Apple 15" Multiscan monitor: 8% of capacity
MAG 21" monitor: 11% of capacity

Those Pentium numbers indicate that each is using about 40W.

Peter J. Templin, Jr.                   Client Services Analyst
Computer & Communication Services       tel: (717) 524-1590
Bucknell University			templin@bucknell.edu

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