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Re: People Demanding Credit in the Press Release Silliness

On Thu, 20 Feb 1997 Bruce Perens CC'd a press release to this list;

Between Thu, 20 and Fri, 21 Feb 1997, some people responded:

>   < arguing snipped by me >
> >   < more arguing snipped > 
> >
> > >   < arguing snipped >
> > >  
> > > >   < sigh.. >
> > > >

Thank you, Bruce. You made a very good press release. I think it is very 
readable, maybe even to my neighbour who doesn't even know what an 
operating system is, but might get an impression of what debian (and 
linux) is about. 

You see, most people don't think in C-like structures and don't parse 
press-statements through a preprocessor to verify if all the includes are 
allright. If one did include all of it, their stack would probably 
overflow and in this case it wouldn't give you an access to their system.

Moreover, focussing on the honours that certain people would proposedly 
be entitled to at all circumstance, completely neglects the fact that 
Bruce doesn't get paid to write press statements, yet does a wonderful 
job as he did. 

So please, people, if you don't like it, start contributing better 
material yourself, because there's no money back here.

Joost (well, I'm probably going to be flamed now for continuing to 
waste bandwith. Serves me right, probably)

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