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Re: Smail and slip dialup (2nd request)

Brian Skreeg typed:
> 	I'm trying to setup smail the operate over my dial-up slip account.
> I installed smail (and it's dependants) using dselect and ran smailconfig.
> I chose option 1: Internet site sending and receiving mail using smtp :
> This seemed to me to almost setup smail correctly. It put the write line in
> inetd.conf and when I write a mail offline it gets dumped in spool as it
> should. I'ce configured my isp's mailserver as my smarthost.
I'm not sure if this is the best way to do the job.  I think smail would get
upset that it cannot, most of the time, deliver any messages.  A better way,
perhaps, would be UUCP over IP.

> 	Unfortunately when my link comes up (dial-in) the mail refuses to budge
> from spool . Typing "runq" in an xterm produces no errors or information,
> it merely runs then exits.
What does mailq say?
And *nothing* at all in the logs?  Hmm, try runq -x255
  - Craig
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