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Meta key: what's the right/best way?

Hi all,

	I've got a MS Natural Keyboard on my main system, and I'd like to
have it configured such that Alt serves as the Meta key both in the
virtual consoles and in X.  I'd also like to have consistent behavior on
any xterms which I then telnet to another machine, along with
xterms/emacses launched on another machine pointed to my X display.

I've looked at kbdconfig/loadkeys, I've looked at xf86config, and I can't
make sense of the _right_ way to do it.

I'd also like to know how to get backspace to be a backspace and delete to
be a delete consistently in all of the things I do (xterms on localhost,
xterms telnetted to another host, emacs locally, emacs in a xterm
telnetted to another host, emacs remote onto my X display) - what's the
right way to do it?

Thanks in advance,

Peter J. Templin, Jr.                   Client Services Analyst
Computer & Communication Services       tel: (717) 524-1590
Bucknell University			templin@bucknell.edu

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