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Re: Upgrading by shaky ftp...

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Traas <ktraas@uniserve.com> writes:

 >> How will dselect react to the PPP-link going down while upgrading
 >> by ftp? Sometimes I can be on for hours without problems,
 >> othertimes the connection drops every 5-15 minutes...
 >> Can I just reconnect and restart dselect Install/Upgrade and it
 >> will resume with regetting the last (incomplete) .deb file?

 Kevin> I've had success with this only because I have a static IP
 Kevin> address with my ISP.  If you are running PPP with dynamic
 Kevin> addressing, then I think you can forget it....

No it works fine.  dselect notices after a short while that it is no
longer connected and checks to see what it did get.  (including
excluding any partially retrieved packages)  And goes into install
mode 'Do you want to install the packages retrieved?' or some such.
Just type n and hit install again.  It'll reget the partial file and
continue on.  When you got them all install them. :)

(Happens to me all the time)


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