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Re: Rescue Disk (was Password)

Nathan L. Cutler wrote:
> >>>>> "Chuma" == Chuma Agbodike <ak349@lafn.org> writes:
>     Chuma> But HOW does one make RESCUE disk properly. Mine surely
>     Chuma> didn't rescue me!
> If you know how to do Archie searches, try searching for an exact
> match of CatRescue101E.tgz, perhaps it will turn up an ftp site near
> you.
> --
Thanks Nathan, I just did a search and downloaded it.

Speaking of ARCHIE servers, which are the ones that get HITs frequently?
The one I use is FTP SEARCH at Trondheim, Norway. Most of it's hits
are in Europe. Much as am happy to find what am looking for, some of the
sites can be rather slow. I once had no choice but download an 8 meg
postscript file at 700bps, with a 28.8K modem even though I was careful
to get in at a time I thought traffic would be low (2 am sunday central
european time).
I pulled in this Rescue program from umc.edu at 2.6K bps Decent!

Best regards

Chuma Agbodike

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