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Rescue Disk (was Password)

>>>>> "Chuma" == Chuma Agbodike <ak349@lafn.org> writes:

    Chuma> But HOW does one make RESCUE disk properly. Mine surely
    Chuma> didn't rescue me!

I personally use CatRescue, which is an older package, but excellent.
I can't even count the number of times this thing has saved me from
the horrors of a reinstall.  In fact, I've got to the point where I
don't even worry about things like switching disks around, because I
know I can always boot CatRescue, manually mount partitions, edit
lilo.conf, etc. to get a bootable system back.

The advantages of CatRescue are (as I see them) the following:

(1) it's all on one diskette, so it doesn't take much time to load
(2) it contains many of the basic system maintenance tools that one
needs when one has to resort to booting from a rescue disk
(3) it contains man pages for most of the above tools

It's been a long time since I downloaded it, but I'm tolerably certain
that you can find it on the Linux Software Map (search by title for
'CatRescue' or by subject for 'rescue').  Basically, all it is is a
prepared diskette image and instructions for making a physical
diskette out of it.  There are also some instructions for making your
own custom-configured rescue diskettes, but I've never gotten into
this part of it.

If you know how to do Archie searches, try searching for an exact
match of CatRescue101E.tgz, perhaps it will turn up an ftp site near

Nathan L. Cutler
Linux Enthusiast

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