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Re: Buggy "mime-support" package? :-(

At 02:31 PM 1/6/97 -0500, Dale Scheetz wrote:
>On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Brian C. White wrote:
>> None of these are technically supposed to depend on mime-support.  They
>> should only test for its availability before calling the "install-mime"
>> program.  This is documented in the "install-mime" man page.
>Well, I can only speak to the needs of the pine package. /etc/mailcap is
>provided by mime-support and needed by pine. This is the reason for it's
>dependence on mime-support. Install-mime is not needed or used by the pine
>installation scripts, so is not the issue here. I can only assume that the
>other packages mentioned have similar needs and therefore, rightly, depend
>on mime-support.

Not for xanim, I'll fix it when I get the chance, but the reason I had it
depend is b/c for "newbies" it will be mostly useless without it, such as
if they are using netscape and they are used to having the files they
download be played automatically.


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