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Re: Help please: installation of TeTeX on a Debian machine.

On 6 Jan 1997, James LewisMoss wrote:

> I'm not in any way involved with NTeX development, but I have installed
> it on SGIs, Ultrix, and DecUnix machines (as well as Linux) and while
> the earlier NTeX distribs were fairly difficult, the latest comes with
> precompiled binaries for many different platforms, and has a tcl/tk
> front end that is very easy to use.  So NTeX isn't too bad. :)  
I fear this discussion is becoming rather off-topic although this seems as
well to reflect that people are looking for alternatives to the LaTeX
system usually supplied with Debian...

The distinction has probably to be made in first place to the question if
NTeX is as uptodate and complete as teTeX and if it is too a consequent
implementation of the TDS (TeX Directory Structure) which has a similiar
approach as the Linux "Filesystem Hierarchy Standard" in regard of the
special TeX/LaTeX needs. 
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