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OK to install across 2 HDs?

Howdy! I suppose it's a silly question, but one I haven't seen mentioned in
the documentation yet: I'd like to install Debian Linux into various
partitions on 2 harddisks. hdb holds 400 MB, and hdc around 1.1 GB. Would it
be possible to put /, /var, /swap, /home, and (perhaps /local or /pub, which
might not be Debian-like partitions to create) on hdb and leave hdc free for
Alternatively, could I create /, /swap, and /usr on hdc, and fit the other
partitions onto hdb? This would put the bootable partition farther down the
queue (or something) than /home and /var, etc., but might be convenient, if
it wouldn't engender kernel panic.
Finally, as far as I know, / doesn't have to be a primary partition. But are
there any advantages to designating it as primary?
Thanks in advance.
TandMark@aol.com (Mark Manning, Seattle)

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