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Re: Password

Nathan L. Cutler wrote:
> >>>>> "Chuma" == Chuma Agbodike <ak349@lafn.org> writes:
>     Chuma> Today I booted linux and it won't let me in. I log in as
>     Chuma> root and give it <CR> at password prompt. Keeps rejecting
>     Chuma> me.
>     Chuma> How do I get around this? I hate to think that I have to re
>     Chuma> install from scratch after all the work I did getting it to
>     Chuma> where I like it.
> Try booting from your trusty rescue diskette (what? you don't have
> one?) (which will automatically log you in as root).  Mount the root
> partition under /mnt or something appropriate to your rescue diskette
> and use 'vi' to edit /etc/passwd.  An entry for 'root' with no password
> looks something like this:
> root::0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash
> (the space between the first and second colons should be empty).

Thanks to all that responded.

Maybe I did not make a rescue disk the right way.
I tried to boot from my rescue diskette, but the system kept bringing up
the LINUX on hard disk and thereby still refusing access because of
wrong password. So I used the INSTALL BOOT and ROOT diskettes. Somewhere
in the menu it offered "mount a previously prepared disk partition" or
something to that effect. I did and the took "execute a shell".
>From there I got access to /etc/passwd. Edited root passwd to blank.
Anyway I was wrong about there not being a passwd. I obviously forgot
it. Well the install insisted that I enter a password which I eventually
did. Then Dpkg came up and I quit it. Booted and gave it the new passwd
I picked. Not to have this repeat, I went back into the passwd file and
made root passwd blank.

But HOW does one make RESCUE disk properly. Mine surely didn't rescue

Chuma Agbodike

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