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Re: OK to install across 2 HDs?

I am writing my questions in between the text, if anyone can
answer them I would appreciate it. 

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Pete Templin wrote:

> On Sat, 4 Jan 1997 TandMark@aol.com wrote:
> > I'd like to install Debian Linux into various partitions on 2 harddisks.
> > hdb holds 400 MB, and hdc around 1.1 GB.

Why are you not using hda and hdb? what determines which one
you use? 

I have two HD's.  Right now only one is hooked up -- it is my
hda, a 1.6G Western Digital, running Redhat.  I wish to hook up
in addition a 340 Meg Connor.  I would like that to be the
slave so that I can keep my WD stuff where it is. I want to
install Debian on the 340 Meg drive until I convince myself if
I want Debian on the 1.6G drive.  I would like to boot up on
either one.  How do I arrange that?  The second one would be
hdb, would it not? . Each drive will be partitioned by using
linux fdisk, and each drive has a small DOS partition on hda1
and hdb1.  I do not wish to use both disks for one distribution
just yet (I understand the merit of doing that, however). I
want to get Debian running on my "test" 340 meg drive, without
disturbing my "running system".  Can I get lilo to boot from
either drive? How?

> You bet.  If possible, stick to hda and hdc.  I saw a 10 to 1 performance
> improvement in Win95 ScanDisk when I moved my second 1.2G Western Digital
> to secondary master from primary slave (primary master is an identical 1.2
> WD).

I don't understand this statement. What exactly is the relation
between hda, hdb, and hdc?  Do you have one controller
that runs two HD's?  What is your hardware configuration?

I have a controller card, el-cheapo $19.00, that controls 2 IDE
HD's, 2 Floppies, 2 Serial Ports and 1 Parallel Printer port.

> But yes, NOTHING wrong with splitting across two drives.  Try to
> split them intelligently for best performance.  Here's some of my thoughts
> on partitioning: when you are reading data, you want it now.  /home and
> /usr should not be on the same disk (launching emacs on a file will be
> reading both the executable and the file).  /var probably should be on a
> different disk than /usr (same as /home?) because daemons want to write to
> their log file as they are starting up, etc.

These are good ideas.  I like this, and when I get past my
"experimental" phase I will do this also.  Thank you.

> Here's a df on my server:
> Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
> /dev/hda1              19485   10253     8226     55%   /
> /dev/hda2             223494  146781    65172     69%   /usr
> /dev/hdc3             198123   11279   176613      6%   /var
> /dev/hdc4             288354     542   272919      0%   /tmp
> /dev/hda3             560060    5788   525343      1%   /nfs
> /dev/hdb1            2990073 2038838   796610     72%   /server
> /dev/hdc2 is a 120M swap.  /nfs holds /home and /var/spool/mail, you'll
> see why in a minute.
> Here's a df on my workstation:
> Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
> /dev/hda3              39039    7855    29168     21%   /
> /dev/hda4             577609  307494   240279     56%   /usr
> /dev/hdc3              99539    7646    86753      8%   /var
> /dev/hdc4             201043      37   190624      0%   /tmp
> templinux:/nfs        560060    5789   525342      1%   /nfs
> hda1 is 200M FAT (Win95 OS).  hda2 is 400M NTFS (WinNTW 4.0).  hdc1 is
> 800M FAT (Common 95/NT apps).  hdc2 is 120M swap.  
> On both machines, /home is a symlink to /nfs/home, and /var/spool/mail is
> a symlink to /nfs/spool/mail, allowing easy NFS mounting of user files
> with only one NFS mount (and one partition!).
> > Finally, as far as I know, / doesn't have to be a primary partition. But are
> > there any advantages to designating it as primary?
> I try to make every partition a primary, if possible (keep in mind that
> Linux can have four primaries, unlike DOS).  I've seen a few (albeit older
> and non-Debian) Linux fdisk's choke on the whole extended/logical deal.

Sorry for my elementary questions.  Any advice will be
appreciated. Thank you for your post, Pete.

Best Regards,
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