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Re: Interviews...

> Hello.  When writing papers, I have always used "idraw" to make my
> figures - I like it alot more than "xfig" for various reasons.
> Anyways, Interviews has been largely unsupported for the last year or
> two, so I took one of my trusty old Slackware CDs and made an
> interviews package.  Note that the binaries (and libraries) are a.out
> - they're from an ANCIENT Slackware, as I said.  Also, this package
> doesn't really support the Linux Filesystem standard at all - same
> reason as previously mentioned.
> I have no desire to do anything other than the most minimal support
> for this package, but I was curious if anyone else would be interested
> in it.  If so, I will look into uploading it somewhere.

I have been interested in interviews for debian so I could package up mxv,
a rather good sound editing program. I've never gotten mxv to compile,
though, but maybe I'd have more luck if I didn't have to compile the
interviews stuff on my own too.

But a.out?! Is this a binary-only package, or something?

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