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Re: developers (was Re: Interviews...)

"Brian S. Julin" <bri@mojo.calyx.net> writes:

> There should be a simple way for people to make available halfway 
> complete or "one shot" debian packages.  (You can make developer
> status necessary to get into the normal distribution directories 
> if you are worried about nobody wanting to sign on and just accumulating
> tons of peicemeal packages, but the quick-and-dirty area should exist)

I was under the impression that the "contrib" section was for things
like this.  I was just trying to see if there interest in this
particular package, and if so, see what was necessary to put it there.
> P.S. You could also use a note to consult the FAQ about being a developer
> in the Incoming directory's README, and an ssh.README in the net 
> directory.
> --
> Brian S. Julin

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