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back on list (I think)


  Thanks for all who replied to my previous mail on the mailing
  list.  I think I'm back on it now. Cross my fingers.

  I do not know whether I should post the following problems with
  my 1.2 debian from i-Connect CD here or should I file bug reports.
  Please let me know if I post these problems here incorrectly.

  1. Texbin installation failed because Kpathsea could not convert
     some Metafont.  There was a bug report on this but I could not
     find the resolution.  This Texbin installation failure also
     caused the latex installation to failed.
  2. Netscape could not be installed.
  3. if gcc and w32gcc (from cygnus) were installed the same time,
     gcc could not find cc1.  I uninstalled both and re-installed
     only gcc and it worked.
  4. After installed the sendmail package, the bootup process took
     a long time (about 2-3 minutes long) at the 'sendmail' before
     the boot(or initialization)it can continue.
  5. The initial installation did not create /dev/scd0, /dev/scd1
     nor setup the symbolic link of the /dev/cdrom to /dev/scd0.
     Nor the /dev/sd[abc..]9 to /dev/sd[abc..]15.  I have to create
     these manually.
  6. the ifconfig in the /etc/rc???/network script were nowhere to
     be found.
  7. All the X related libraries could not be located when running
     and X applications because the /etc/ldconfig.conf (I think
     that was the name of the file) did not include /usr/X11R6/lib.
     I added the entry in and run ldconfig, then the problem went
  8. there seemed to be some font missing from the 'setfont' package.
     these font used to be in  the slackware (sorry to complain). The
     font that I looked for were: '8x14alt', '8x14thin', '8x15', etc.
     I copy these font from the old slackware distribution.
  9. BTW, is there a java1.0.2-???.deb out there?

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