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developers (was Re: Interviews...)

On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Dale Martin wrote:
> I have no desire to do anything other than the most minimal support
> for this package, but I was curious if anyone else would be interested
> in it.  If so, I will look into uploading it somewhere.

I am in a similar situation with the MCA Debian 1.2 rescue floppies.
There is really no point in maintaining these as a package since
the new 2.1 kernels are including support and most likely the next Debian
won't need them.  All I want is to upload them somewhere on the Debian
site where people that want them can get them.  This won't get done
in the near future if the only way for me to do it is to go through
the whole process of becoming a Debian developer and then orphaning
the MCA rescue disks -- I can't spare the time.

There should be a simple way for people to make available halfway 
complete or "one shot" debian packages.  (You can make developer
status necessary to get into the normal distribution directories 
if you are worried about nobody wanting to sign on and just accumulating
tons of peicemeal packages, but the quick-and-dirty area should exist)

P.S. You could also use a note to consult the FAQ about being a developer
in the Incoming directory's README, and an ssh.README in the net 

Brian S. Julin

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