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Re: New 1.2 install / Observations / X-window startx problem.

In your email to me, Tasos Drosopoulos, you wrote:
> 3. OK now, request help for this: My preference in using Linux is doing
> most of my editing work on a console and only when I need graphics go to
> X-windows. So I prefer to use startx and not xdm. The XFree86 3.2 that
> comes with slackware works fine. However, with debian, the screen flashes
> once, X-windows seem to come up for a second and then promptly exit. 
> Obviously, I need to do some additional configuration. Something to do
> with the window managers perhaps? I would appreciate any pointers / suggestions
> on this.

Take a look in your home dir for a file named .xsession-errors (or something
like that). That will tell you why X11 died. My guess is that /usr/X11R6/lib
is missing from your /etc/ld.so.conf


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