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New 1.2 install / Observations / X-window startx problem.

Hi everyone,

I downloaded debian 1.2 just before Xmas with the expectation of having
some fun during the holidays (whenever kids would let dad on the computer
:) that is!). Anyway, I have both home and work computers running
Slackware 3.1 and am very happy with Linux. Debian seems to have a more
complete setup with plenty of packages, giving me the opportunity to learn
more, so I'm giving it a try.

Some observations during installation:

1. My home computer has two hard drives and a Creative Labs, SB16,
ATAPI CD-ROM, Plug&Play kit. The CD-ROM drive is set with the default
settings (slave on a tertiary port on the soundcard). With Slackware I use
loadlinux and the "hdh=cdrom" option at the boot prompt and it works fine.
With debian, I first had to make /dev/hdh by hand. The custom disk would
accept the "hdh=cdrom" option, would seem to "see" the drive, but would
ask me for a "root disk" to complete the boot-up. Without the "hdh=cdrom"
option it would boot, but no CD-ROM drive would be accessible. My
solution: I went to the slack sources and installed loadlinux and after
that it went fine.

2. Similarly, on my work computer with an old 2x Panasonic. I had to make 
/dev/sbpcd first. 

3. OK now, request help for this: My preference in using Linux is doing
most of my editing work on a console and only when I need graphics go to
X-windows. So I prefer to use startx and not xdm. The XFree86 3.2 that
comes with slackware works fine. However, with debian, the screen flashes
once, X-windows seem to come up for a second and then promptly exit. 
Obviously, I need to do some additional configuration. Something to do
with the window managers perhaps? I would appreciate any pointers / suggestions
on this.

Thank you

*      Anastasios (Tasos) Drosopoulos                    *
*      email: Tasos.Drosopoulos@dreo.dnd.ca              *
*      URL : http://www.dreo.dnd.ca                      *

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