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Re: New 1.2 install / Observations / X-window startx problem.

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Tasos Drosopoulos wrote:

> 3. OK now, request help for this: My preference in using Linux is doing
> most of my editing work on a console and only when I need graphics go to
> X-windows. So I prefer to use startx and not xdm. The XFree86 3.2 that
> comes with slackware works fine. However, with debian, the screen
> flashes once, X-windows seem to come up for a second and then promptly
> exit. Obviously, I need to do some additional configuration. Something
> to do with the window managers perhaps? I would appreciate any pointers
> / suggestions on this. 

You'll need some sort of ~/.xinitrc to sole this one, I believe.  The
.xinitrc file contains personal choices of what to run at X-startup.  At
least one of the command lines contained within should _NOT_ be run in the
background, to keep the .xinitrc (essentially just another script) from
completing (and falling out the bottom).  I use xcon (which is merely a
symbolic link to xterm) as my non-backgrounded process; when I exit the
"xcon", I exit X-windows.  My .xinitrc:

#! /bin/sh
# Backgrounded jobs process immediately
# xbiff - visual "new mail".
xbiff -update 3 -bg black -fg blue -geometry 96x96+0+0 &

# xclock - self explanatory
xclock -bg black -fg red -hd white -update 1 -geometry 96x96+104+0 &

# xsysinfo - kernel activity/usage indicator
xsysinfo -geometry 206x100-200+0 &

# fvwm - window manager
fvwm &

# xhost - allows x clients onto this server.
# coral is general purpose academic server.
# reef was general purpose academic server, was mailhost.
# templinux is my Linux server.  (this is templin-wks, my workstation).
xhost coral reef templinux

# NON BACKGROUNDED - this script (and therefore xinit) exits when
# this process finishes.

# xcon - symlink to xterm (allows for different behavior in .fvwmrc
xcon -C -geometry 80x6+312+0

Hope this helps.

Peter J. Templin, Jr.                   Client Services Analyst
Computer & Communication Services       tel: (717) 524-1590
Bucknell University			templin@bucknell.edu

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