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Re: PPP Chatscript problem

On Wed, 25 Dec 1996, Richard Heestand wrote:

> I am trying to create a working chat script so I can 
> proceed with my installation of debian 1.2.  However,
> after a day of trying variations of chat scripts, I am stumped.

 In addition to the other comments I've seen, I have one suggestion:

> My ppp.chatscript is:
> ""        ATDT77139661200
> ogin:     rick
> assword:  xxxx
> own)      dumb\rdppp
> The steps to log into my ISP are (captured from MS
> Windows Terminal) :
> ATDT7139661200
> NeoSoft AAS 1.0 (pandora.neosoft.com) 11 users, 9600/ARQ
> login: rick

 The output you listed indicated that it was expecting an "ogin:" and 
didn't get it. Aside from the 1400 baud problem (which you should look 
into; do a "man setserial" to get an idea of how fast you should set the 
port, too) you may need to send a return character after you connect, to 
bring up the login prompt.

 What I would suggest is calling in to the ppp number with, e.g. seyon or 
minicom, and follow through the steps by hand. This will give you a good 
idea of what the system expects. Then, hang up, edit your chatscript, and 
try again...


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