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Re: PPP dial up connection help

On Wed, 1 Jan 1997, Knight wrote:

> OK, I'm a super newbie at Linux. I have it installed, and tried to set up a
> PPP dial up threw an external modem. I think I am correct in using
> /dev/ttys2 as my modem on port 3.
> When I go to establish a connection it says "System lacks PPP kernel
> support" Either I messed up the install, or I am missing a Debian package
> for PPP support. Also on the subject of packages, what packages will I need
> to install to get the most use out of my internet connection? and what
> packages if any to support them. As of now all that is installed is the
> files on the install disks. Looking forward to learning a new OS.
This error message is very uninformative. You will get this when the port
you try to use is already in use (for instance), and in this case, it
probably means you have a getty running on that tty. Check your inittab
file in etc and see if this is the conflict.
If this isn't it, are you using kerneld to load modules? Is ppp a module?
On some systems kerneld can't get pppd up fast enough (but I'm not sure
that it causes this error) so you will need to explicitly install it by
listing it in /etc/modules.

If none of this works, give another holler.



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