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Re: Innd problem

In article <199701010156.XAA03583@wnet.brworld.com.br>,
Alexander Gieg <agieg@brworld.com.br> wrote:
>But when was a light break, and system was off, and I
>restarted them, I began to receive many messages
>From: root
>To: usenet
>Subject: Boot-time Usenet warning on debian
>	Old .news.daily; need to run news.daily?
>What this means? How can I stop receiving these

It means exactly what it says. Every day (by default at 3:00 AM) the
maintenance script "news.daily" has to run. This probably hasn't happened
for some reason or the other since a couple of days.

If you fix that, the system will stop sending you mail about it..

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