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Re: PPP dial up connection help

> OK, I'm a super newbie at Linux. I have it installed, and tried to set up a
> PPP dial up threw an external modem. I think I am correct in using
> /dev/ttys2 as my modem on port 3.

No, It's "/dev/ttyS2".

> When I go to establish a connection it says "System lacks PPP kernel
> support" Either I messed up the install, or I am missing a Debian package
> for PPP support. Also on the subject of packages, what packages will I need
> to install to get the most use out of my internet connection? and what
> packages if any to support them. As of now all that is installed is the
> files on the install disks. Looking forward to learning a new OS.

First thing to do after installing the base disks is to start dselect. Perhaps
this is done automagically, I don't remember.

To get the most out of your connection, you would need to know what you 
want to do <wink, wink, nudge, wink>.

> Thanks in advance
> Eddie

Hopefully helpful,


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