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virtual mail domains...

> On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Tim Sailer wrote:
> > Now that exim is making it's debut in Debian, I'd like to try it out...
> > I looked at the docs from it's home site, but the Virtual Domain stuff
> > was not real obvious.  Can someone who is using it (anyone?) post
> > a quick example on setting up a virtual domain? 

[ snip ]

> We do virtual domains with POP3 here by using a custom local mailer 
> and a modified version of qpopper.
> The first step is to create a virtual_pop transport, then a virtual_pop 
> director, e.g.

This seems crazy to me. Originally, this was that approach I was going to
take. However, I didn't want to be forced to run a different MTA other 
than smail. Not that smail's all that great, but it's the beast I'm 
familiar with. Also, smail supposedly supports virtual domains, but you
have to run multiple copies of it... which wasn't all that appealing.

What I eventually settled on was to have it all done by elm's filter(1).
The reason for this was because I realized that I didn't need virtual
POP interfaces, I needed virtual addresses and that was it. In fact, I
concluded that having accounts like "info@somecompany.com" was a bad
idea since they're not directly mapped to an individual and that the
login and password would be probably known by several individuals at
SomeCompany as the job of handling the "info" mail got passed on from
employee to employee.

So, I figured that what I really wanted were *aliases* that would send
"info@somecompany.com" to some single individual on the system. I was able
to pull this off by aliasing names like "info" and "sales" to myself. Then,
in my .elm/filter-rules file, I'd put lines like:

  if To contains "client1.com" and not To contains "jemenake" forward jjones
  if To contains "client2.com" and not To contains "jemenake" forward bsmith

This worked like a charm! However, I wanted to take myself out of the loop.
Now, filter supposedly allows for you to specify a certain rules file with
the "-f" option. So, I tried putting the following in my /etc/aliases file:

  info:	"|/usr/bin/filter -f /etc/virt-aliases.filter"

But this doesn't seem to work (smail and filter are REAL finnicky about
permissions and ownerships of files and what UID they're running as).

Any ideas or comments?

- Joe

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