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Re[2]: PGP

     The International Version of PGP is a slightly modified algorithm with 
     fewer bits.  Currently, it is illegal under the Data Encryption and 
     Privacy Act (modified) of 1995 to export encryption programs which use 
     56+ bits outside the United States.
     There is, of course, a workaround to get superior encryption with the 
     Internation versions (not only of pgp, but RSA and DES as well). Make 
     3 keys and do the following:
     1) encrypt with key 1
     2) decrypt with key 2
     3) encrypt with key 3
     Wish everyone all the luck in the world to crack that.  Even a machine 
     capable of a billion processes per second would have to have a million 
     such processers in order to break even 30bit keys in less time than 
     the universe is old!
     Good luck,
     S. Ryan Quick      ryan_quick@vbhgate.phc.com
     Sun/Sequent Admin
     Value Behavioral Health

Hmmm, as far as I know is the Us version only for US-Citizes in the US and 
the -i for all outside.
What to do for a non-US-citizen in the states like me ?
So the stupid law forbids pgp at all ??
donnow, correct me if I am wrong

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