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Re: UMSDOS partition and debian

Rick Macdonald said:
> I've had /home and my debian mirror and a few other things on a UMSDOS
> filesystem for quite awhile. I just upgraded to 2.0.25 a couple of
> weeks ago. Before that I was running 2.0.6. I never noticed any problems
> compared to 1.2.13 or whatever it was that I used to run.

The real problem is with SCSI, which causes kernel stack overflows. For IDE,
all I could find was a problem with the unlinking of inodes. For normal use,
this wasn't a problem. But, for the convoluted ways in which dselect/dpkg
handle safe package upgrading, this caused a problem in that UMSDOS could not
unlink an inode for a file which was in use (such as /bin/bash when trying to
upgrade bash while using bash as your shell).

I believe I saw something in the Changes for 2.0.26 or 2.0.27 which mentioned
inode removal under UMSDOS (or maybe it was DOS) which may fix the problem,
but I haven't had time (or reason) to check it out yet.

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