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Re: UMSDOS partition and debian

David_Oswald@prenhall.com said:
>         I have gathered that it is possible to run the debian installation 
>      in a dos fat partition. I am hoping that this configuration would 
>      resemble the slakware installation running over the dos fat partition.

Do not, repeat DO NOT use UMSDOS filesystems with 2.0.x kernels up to 2.0.23.
There are at least two problems I'm aware of. I believe one of them has been
fixed in the 2.0.27 kernel, but I haven't verified that yet. The other problem
has to do with SCSI disks. As far as I can tell, UMSDOS still does not work
with SCSI disks. Your kernel stack will overflow, which means all kinds of
random, nasty things can happen.

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