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Re: innd & mmap

On Wed, 4 Dec 1996, Craig Sanders wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Nov 1996, Richard Kettlewell wrote:
> > >> my news box is regularly throttling with the log message "File exists
> > >> writing symlinking article file -- throttling".
> > 
> > Try rebuilding your history file - IIRC this has worked for me (albeit
> > under Solaris 2.5 rather than Linux).
> yep, that's part of how i fix it. i'd rather not have to do that - it
> seems to happen once a week or more.
> i've edited my nightly scripts to run 'ctlinnd renumber' as well as
> news.daily.  Hopefully that will prevent the problem from occuring.

I had to do the same... it looked as though "ctlinnd renumber" was being 
executed from the news.daily, but as soon as I added it to my news 
crontab all my symlinking errors went away.

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