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Re: LaTeX question?

>>>>> "Jonas" == Jonas Bofjall <job@abc.se> writes:

    Jonas> I have a feeling that this question is very off-topic here,
    Jonas> but in that case I would appreciate if I am told where it
    Jonas> is not. I installed Debian on a computer mainly to run
    Jonas> LaTeX, but I don't understand really what I need to do. I
    Jonas> installed almost everything on the TeX disks.  When I try
    Jonas> to run latex it just complains that it can't find the
    Jonas> default format files (or something). I found out from
    Jonas> reading the man-pages over and over again that if I run
    Jonas> amstex instead, it doesn't complain about that. But it
    Jonas> still doesn't work. It doesn't recognize most of my
    Jonas> commands, for example \documentclass or \usepackage. Why is
    Jonas> this and how does this work? There is some information in
    Jonas> the doc directory but I can't typeset it! Any help is
    Jonas> appreciated..

Maybe you should be using amslatex.  I just tried running amstex
on an amslatex file and got the following result.
>This is TeX, Version 3.1415 (C version 6.1)
>AmS-TeX- Version 2.1
>Use of this macro package is not restricted provided
>each use is acknowledged upon publication.
>Hyphenation patterns for english, loaded.
>! Undefined control sequence.
>l.1 \documentclass
>                  {article} \usepackage{amsmath}

Good luck,

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